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1302 Main Street
Niagara Falls, NY 14301
Phone: (716) 285-8248
Toll Free: 1-888-303-4333
TTY: 1-800-662-1220
Email: info@completeseniorcare.org

Our Staff

David Bluett
Physical Therapist
Pamela Wynes
Center Aide
Staci Bucci
Jennifer Gouge
Dietary Aide
Colleen Robbins
Medical Assistant
Dr. Alberta Micale
Monica Chaffee
Dietary Coordinator
Geralyn Blose
Transportation Coordinator
Janelle Atkinson
RN, Healthcare Coordinator
Melisa Green
Director of Human Resources
John Kinner
Dr. Arvind Wadhwa
Medical Director
Kathy Henwood
RN, Enrollment Specialist/UAS Nurse
Kelly Carr
Social Worker
Kimberly Williamson
Medical Records
Mary Ann Wise
Center Aid
Virginia McAuliffe
Executive Director
Patti Treverton
Nurse Practitioner
Sandra Steffenhagen
Medical Claims Analyst
Peter Firestone
Social Worker, LMSW
Rachel Sheehan
Center Aide/Activities Assistant
Kim Huber
Occupational Therapist
Greg Mandeville
Activities Assistant
Carol Hueber
RN Case Manager
Cara Scott
Clinic Assistant
Mimi Schrack
RN Case Manager
Alisha Steward
RN, Home Care Coordinator
Bryan Hall
RN, Clinical Manager
Beverly Callan
RN, Director of Quality, Education, Compliance & Infection Control
Erica Dunn
Center Aide
Marianne Scricco
Enrollment Assistant