Program Details

Everything You Need, in One Place.

Complete Senior Care is what we call a PACE program — “Program of all-inclusive care for the elderly.” When we say “all inclusive,” that’s really what we mean!

Complete Senior Care offers:

Medical Care.

You will gain an Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) — your personalized team of medical care professionals. They’re dedicated to help you live your best life.

Care Management.

CSC participants have an assigned “care manager” — a certified nurse who ensures you’re happy and healthy.

Social Services.

Our team is comprised of experts who understand programs available and can help you navigate paperwork.

Rehabilitation Therapies.

Our on-site physical and occupational therapy staff can help you get moving again.

Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drugs.

There’s no need to run around town tracking down your medications. We deliver all your medicine to your home.

Support Services.

When you need the services of a specialist, a hospital or other types of help, Complete Senior Care will help you get what you need.


Life is so much more than doctor’s appointments. We meet your medical needs, but we’re also here to add some FUN.


Hey, we all love a good meal, don’t we? Complete Senior Care offers delicious meals, five days a week!

Don’t Worry, We’re Here to Help.

Contact our staff or call us at (716) 285-8248 to learn more.