What our participants are saying.

We are proud to help our participants live healthy, active lives while remaining in their homes. Here are some words from just a few of our participants:

I like everything about CSC, especially all the cooking activities. I love being outside in the nice weather. The entertainers here are all good too.


I really love all the activities and parties at CSC. Christmas is a really special time here. If you live by yourself, CSC is an extra special place.


I enjoy the openness and caring of the CSC staff. They do everything. I also enjoy the company of the other men I sit with in the day center.


I love the companionship of my friends at Complete Senior Care. I enjoy all the entertainment and that we can win prizes during some of our activities. My favorite things about CSC are the holiday parties and the delicious food.


Some of the things I love the most about CSC are socializing with other participants, playing games, watching movies and all of our outings in the community. I also appreciate the religious activities that are offered. My favorite memory of CSC is definitely our recent Christmas party and all the decorations!


I can’t say enough about the great things I am able to do at CSC as a volunteer with the Senior Companion Program,” said Mrs. Cunningham. “Recently, I had a client who was wheelchair bound who was advised to start walking with her walker. We worked at it together and through positive encouragement, in just a few short months, she was out of her wheelchair. She was so happy and confident in her newfound independence. She has lost weight and is breathing so much better. The sense of accomplishment we both felt was something special. I am proud to be a part of their happiness, improved health and well-being.